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Navigating your business today is very difficult. MeBaSo is here to help with all your business solutions from Merchant Processing, Social Media Marketing, Fraud Protection, Business Analytics and Printed Material

No Pressure

MeBaSo’s team is here to understand your business. Unlike some that just want to push products MeBaSo wants to see your business grow and bring you all the tools needed for your success.

Business Solutions

Regardless of the size of your company we have what is needed to bring your business to the next level.

Always Here To Help

When you bring MeBaSo’s team to your company we want you to feel like we are part of the team to bring value to your company.


Simple process to start

MeBaso we focus on what is important to you and your business

Personal Relationship

Our team at MeBaSo is here to guide you through everything you need in business.

Trust and Clarity

Providing transparency in everything we do at MeBaSo so you can feel comfortable.

Fully Intergrational

Bringing the proper technology to your company whether you are a small start up or large B2B company

Real Time Reporting

Information about what matters to you most in business so you have the ability to make quicker decision.

The Best Solutions for Any Size Company