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Cash Rewards

Navigating in business today can be challenging. MeBaSo is here to assist you with a cash rewards program from our partners at Payroc. Eliminate the stress of merchant processing.

How does cash rewards work


Eliminate 100% of your processing fees.


fully integrated with Payroc's Cash Rewards Point of Sale Technology so you can focus on what matters to you most.


Cash Rewards program MUST NOT add any service fee to advertised price at point of sale. MeBaSo and Payroc will assist you to make sure your company is compliant.

Dejavoo z11 credit card processing terminal


MeBaSo and Payroc will make sure your company is compliant with all
card brands.

Compliance Signage

MeBaSo and Payroc will make sure that you have the proper signage to manage and markup your advertised price.

Allowed by all card types

Cash rewards allow merchants to mark up their advertised price and give a discount to those customers that pay with cash.